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Rombilder fra Marken Gjestehus

Her vises det bilder fra noen av rommene på Marken Gjestehus. Her kan du se 360° bilder, og stillbilder.
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Liten filmsnutt

Her kan du se en liten film som viser veien til Marken Gjestehus fra Bergen Togstasjon.
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"The place is so warm, clean and nice. Thanks again for the hospitality and friendly staff"
Gina S. Benites - Mexico
" I`ve been on a world trip - stayed in many hostels - and this one has been a treat! So clean & trendy."
Lori - Canada
"This is truly the place to stay when travelling. The kitchen is well equipped and the sittingroom is excellent. This definitely beats any youth hostel I`ve stayed in. Keep it up!"
Kimberly Budden - Wales
"Firstly, I want to say that this is the finest or best ho(s)tel I`ve ever seen. I`ve trevelled all around Europe ( 12 countries) and stayed several places, but I must say I am impressed to see such a place. Anyway, enjoy your trip."
Mehmetcan - Turkey
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